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How to transport your cat to Canada

pet transport cat to canada

If you need to travel with your cat to Canada there are a set of rules and regulations you need to abide by. These include; vaccinations, containers, and certifications. Should you require any assistance in this matter you are welcome to contact us.

Airline approved cages for pet transport

pet transport cages for rent

All airlines require IATA airline approved cages for both domestic and international flights; the main aim of the cage requirements is to ensure that your pet travels in comfort and safety without harming their welfare.

Air New Zealand Pet Transport (International)

air nz pet transport

You can rely on Air New Zealand pet transport and their experienced expert appointed agents to ensure that your pet travels safely and in comfort. This article answers some common questions about flying pets on Air New Zealand.

How to transport a cat to the USA

transport cat to usa

When travelling with a cat to the USA, there is a set of rules and regulations you need to comply with. We can help with all your pet transport requirements

How to transport a dog to the USA

transport dog to usa

We are there to help you transport your dog to the USA, smoothly and hassle free. Exporting your dog requires you to comply with rules and regulations.

Air New Zealand Pet Transport (Domestic)

air nz pet transport

All pets travelling by air must travel in a cage that is IATA compliant. Air New Zealand has a few additional requirements for pets travelling on Domestic flights.

How to Transport a Cat to the UK

Pet transport cat to the UK

You must use a pet travel agent like Aero Pets to send a cat to the UK as airlines will not deal with you directly. There are several procedures and requirements – we can help you arrange all the necessary documentation.

How to Transport a Dog to the UK

Tui Cocker Spaniel Dog to the UK

Transporting your dog to the UK can be quite a headache, especially when you need to get all the vaccinations, micro chipping, MPI certification, transport containers, and other things.

How to Transport a Cat to Australia

transport cat to australia

Traveling with pets can be a hassle but when you are traveling anywhere, it is important to know how to go about this the right way. When you decide to bring take your cat to Australia there are some regulations and rules you will need to follow…

How to Transport a Dog to Australia

Tabu dog export from NZ to Perth Australia

Airlines do not accept dog transport bookings from the public. We can help you with the whole process of getting your dog to Australia by arranging his or her MPI certification, transport containers, veterinary treatments and everything else that need to be done in preparation.