Border Collies Guide

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Border Collies need a lot of exercise

If you are looking for a dog that is highly energetic and playful, then a border collie is for you. Unlike many other breeds, their playful pup phase lasts for around three to five years. If you are prepared to spend lots of time exercising and invest your time in training, border collies are worthwhile breeds to own.

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Border collie stats

  • Life span: 12 to 15 years
  • Colour: Black, red, white, and tricolour
  • Size: 12 to 20kg
  • Training: Easy to train with patience & lots of attention
  • Coat: Regular grooming, especially when the soft undercoat is shedding
  • Shedding: Average shedder
  • Exercise requirements: High

Choosing the right border collie pup and exercising them

When it comes to border collies, both dogs and bitches are wonderful to own. The only real distinction between the two is breeding potential. Unless you feel the need to breed, either will be fine.

Border collies are amongst the most playful puppies out there, and they are unlikely to grow out of this phase for the first three years of their life. As highly energetic dogs, they need exercising even when you are feeling tired. However, at the pup stage their bones are still quite soft, which means daily playtime is sufficient. From the age of 12 months, begin taking your border collie for short walks around the neighbourhood. Build up the amount of exercise he or she has until they reach full adulthood.

What type of households do border collie pups suit?

While border collies get along well with children and other dogs, they may try to assert dominance over other dogs of different breeds and the same sex. It is best to keep border collies away from smaller household pets, particularly cats. While they are happy around children in general, they do not like loud sharp sounds. As such, families with very young children and babies may want to wait until they are older to purchase a border collie. As they are highly active, border collies do not suit life in an apartment. Having a yard is essential.

Where to buy your border collie

It is better to purchase border collies from reputable breeders. Doing this decreases the risk of buying one that comes with serious health concerns. As dogs that are commonly used on farms, it is possible to source them from one. However, do exercise caution and seek the advice of a professional before making a decision. (Breeders – please contact us to list your website here!)

Border collie health demographics and disease profiles

While male border collies reach 48 to 56cm, females are between 46 and 53cm.

When they are well taken care of, border collies are healthy dogs. However, owners do need to be aware of some conditions. Border collies are prone to epilepsy, deafness, and some visual disturbances. In addition, hip and elbow dysplasia can become a problem. As border collies are highly intelligent dogs, even those that suffer from deafness are able to live a fulfilling life.


Training can be a frustrating process with border collies at first, but it’s highly rewarding when you get it right. Establishing your dominance is essential, but you also need to make these playful dogs feel cherished. As such, incorporating treats and rewards into the training sessions is equally important. Because they are dogs that like to perform for an audience, border collies are excellent at learning tricks. In addition, they thrive on positive feedback, and are less likely to progress with a harsh approach.

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