Veterinary Health Checks before transporting pets overseas

Qualified vet checking a puppy before shipping overseas

A health check by a qualified vet is required to transport dogs overseas. Are you old enough?

When travelling, it is important that your pets health is checked beforehand.  Our business is operated by experienced staff who are able to arrange this for you if required.

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Aero Pets are a family run business of animal lovers – our mission is to ensure your pet is handled with due care and attention so that wherever you travel, your pet will be delivered to its destination feeling healthy and happy. Our expertise in animal handling makes us the perfect company to contact for all your pet transport needs.

We will give you the information and advice you need to make sure your pet has the correct veterinary health checks and receives their official export certificates required for travel.

Different countries have different requirements – we will ensure you have the correct information and help schedule what appointments need to be made by what time. If required Aero Pets can take your pet for its vet health checks, please ask for a quote.


At Aero Pets we know the safety and well being of your pet is of paramount importance. We politely request that you make us aware of any pre existing medical conditions your pet may have before transit as this may affect the crate size we recommend or the airline or route taken. Our Pets are members of our family and we believe in putting both our four legged and two legged customers first.

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