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Veterinary Health Checks before transporting pets overseas

Qualified vet checking a puppy before shipping overseas

A health check by a qualified vet is required to transport dogs overseas. Are you old enough?

When travelling, it is important that your pets health is checked beforehand.  Our business is operated by experience staff who are able to arrange this for you.

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Unitec Certified Monique Johnstone has seven years experience as a veterinary nurse and eight approved years qualified in Animal Management. The Lonely Miaow association of Auckland, a rescue centre and charity which cares for and re-homes stray felines, has benefited from Monique’s expert consultation which has been delivered on a voluntary basis.

We here at Aero Pets are animal lovers simply looking to ensure your pet is handled with due care and attention so that wherever you travel, your pet will be delivered to its destination feeling healthy and happy. Our expertise in animal healthcare makes us the perfect port of call for all your pet transport needs.

At Aero Pets, we offer a qualified comprehensive veterinary health check for your pet prior to departure (export only) where your furry friend can be screened for any health issues or problems allowing them a safe start in their new home. This health check allows any potential risks to your animal’s safety to be identified prior to their departure or on arrival with the benefit of Monique’s expert advice should any problems arise.

Aero Pets are able to arrange vaccinations and blood tests so there is no one better placed to assess the condition of your pet and spot any potential risks from the off.

Please note that prior to travel your pet vaccination book may need to be signed by a registered veterinary surgeon.

At Aero Pets we know the safety and well being of your pet is of paramount importance and with our background in veterinary medicine we may be able to recognise the signs of any potential issues before they arise. We politely request that you make us aware of any pre existing medical conditions your pet may have before transit as we would need to assess the risk of any problems. Our Pets are members of our family and we believe in putting both our four legged and two legged customers first.

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