How old does my pet need to be?

Puppy ready for transport overseas

Transporting a pet overseas requires accreditation, experience and care. Let us help you!

The minimum age for pets travelling to Australia is 8 weeks old. For all other countries the minimum age is 12 weeks.

Although puppies and kittens may be Certified for travel at 12 weeks some country requirements (i.e. Minimum vaccination age/waiting or stand down period after the vaccination etc) will result in the puppy or kitten travelling at 16 weeks +

Where will my pet be on the plane?

Your pet will be in the live animal hold. Just like the main passenger section your pet will travel in a pressurised and heated section of the aircraft.

Can I send my pets belongings in the cage?

You are welcome to put soft toys and blankets in the cage, things that will make the trip more comfortable are great. Solid bowls, brushes, shampoo’s etc will need to be checked in with your luggage.

Will my pet get fed?

From check in, in Auckland until being released when they land at their final destination pets are not released and are not fed.

(there are a few exceptions to this rule where transit times are very long and if the transit country has the facilities that we can arrange for pets to be released, fed and have their cage cleaned – this is mainly for pets transiting Vancouver or Honolulu).

Ideally you should feed your pet an early dinner then nothing but water on the day of departure. It is much nicer for them to travel feeling a bit hungry than in a cage that has been messed in that they cannot get away from.

Pets must always have access to water.

Should I sedate my pet?

As a Vet Nurse I advise against this, a sedated pet has a lower breathing and heart rate. This combined with the lower oxygen levels of an aircraft at altitude can be a risk. Also a pet waking up with no recollection of how they got there can cause a great deal of panic. Some airlines will not carry sedated pets so if this is something you are considering we need to know so there are no problems on the day of departure.

Is there anything I can do for my pet prior to departure to prepare them?

Having the cage at home for your pets to get used to or at least become familiar with really helps reduce anxiety on the day of departure.

Homeopathic remedies (available at most Vets and pet stores) used around the home a few days prior to departure is also a great way of taking the edge off when their environment is rapidly changing.

Making their cage as comfortable environment as possible by adding items such as their own toys, blankets and bedding, even items of clothing worn by your and your family really make a difference.

Will my pet be going into Quarantine?

For most pets departing from NZ there is no quarantine – usually pets can be collected a few hours after the flight lands. There are a few exceptions so check with us.