Terms & Conditions

These terms of contract between Aero Pets New Zealand Limited and the Client/Purchaser/Pet Owner (hereafter called the “Client”) shall apply to all orders for goods and services accepted by Aero Pets from the Client and these Terms and Conditions shall prevail and take precedence over any document or oral message from the Client.

Whereas the utmost care is given to the Client’s animals, they are handled with the understanding that Aero Pets New Zealand Limited, their contractors, the airline and veterinarians are at no time to be held responsible for loss, death, illness, injury or impairment due to any cause, either natural or accidental.

Your pet may at times be subjected to loud noises, changing temperature and weather conditions (including rain/wind) and movement. These are elements normally associated with air transport and are beyond our control.

Animals displaying behaviour that is unsuitable for air transport may be refused carriage. Examples of unsuitable behaviour include aggression, continuous vocalization or obvious signs of stress.


All our pet cages are IATA compliant, we strongly recommend you acclimatize your pet to their travel cage prior to departure as we will not be held responsible for any damage done to the crate or your pet if your pet becomes stressed or destructive.


All prices and quotations given for products and services are based on ruling rates and tariffs current at the time. Any increases in such rates and tariffs applying at time of travel will be additional to the quoted price and payable by the Client.

Where prices for animal transport services are based on dimensions and weights as supplied by the Client such prices will be subject to adjustment depending on actual travel crate sizes as determined by the carrying airline, and/or export veterinary inspectors. Such additional charges are payable by the Client.


Payment in full is due prior to the departure of the pet and must be made by cash, direct bank credit, credit card, or cheque (with 7 days to clear).

Any unpaid accounts will be subject to late payment fees and any required collection costs.

Aero Pets is not liable for any additional charges / missed flights that occur due to the late arrival of pets.


In the event of order cancellation Aero Pets New Zealand Limited will refund, at Aero Pets sole discretion, any unexpended portion of the clients payment after deduction of any direct and indirect expenses incurred.

Veterinary and Vaccinations

The Client authorizes Aero Pets New Zealand Limited to seek veterinary attention if required for any animals in our care. Any additional costs associated with such veterinary treatment are payable by the client.