Pet Transport from NZ to the UK

At Aero Pets, we’ve been transporting pets from NZ to the UK for over 10 years. It’s important to get the right people looking after your beloved cat or dog when arranging transport back to Great Britain. We can guide you through the process of vet checks, export and import papers, flights and shipping processes. We are certified by the Ministry of Primary Industries and deal with carriers such as Air New Zealand every day. We will ensure that your pet gets the best treatment possible for the best price!

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How to Transport a Cat to the UK

Pet transport cat to the UK

You must use a pet travel agent like Aero Pets to send a cat to the UK as airlines will not deal with you directly. There are several procedures and requirements – we can help you arrange all the necessary documentation.

How to Transport a Dog to the UK

Tui Cocker Spaniel Dog to the UK

Transporting your dog to the UK can be quite a headache, especially when you need to get all the vaccinations, micro chipping, MPI certification, transport containers, and other things.