Pet Transport from New Zealand to the USA

If you need to transport your pet from New Zealand to the United States, Aero Pets can take care of everything for you. We are government-approved to handle everything you need to fly your pet back to the USA. We take care of all vet checks, documentation, shipping and flights. You can rest easy knowing that we have over 10 years experience of dealing with all the red-tape required to transport pets overseas. Call us today about your dog or cat and we will start the process for you at an affordable price.

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How to transport a cat to the USA

transport cat to usa

When travelling with a cat to the USA, there is a set of rules and regulations you need to comply with. We can help with all your pet transport requirements

How to transport a dog to the USA

transport dog to usa

We are there to help you transport your dog to the USA, smoothly and hassle free. Exporting your dog requires you to comply with rules and regulations.