Pet Transport to the UK

Moving your pet to UK can involve a lot of paperwork that we have the experience to help you with. Using Aero Pets will make the whole process a lot simpler and easier on your pet. We are certified, with over 10 years service! Please read some of our reviews below!

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Bud Pet transport from Auckland NZ to Scotland UK
Hi Brenda,

See attached photo, Bud arrived safely in Edinburgh and is now at present exploring my brothers garden. Thanks again for making Bud’s passage to this new life in Scotland stressless for both Bud and Morag and I.

(Bud: Auckland, NZ to Scotland, UK) July 2018

Koda Pet transport from Auckland NZ to UK
Well after almost two days of travelling from NZ our little Koda is here in the UK with us. We did have a 6 hour wait at Heathrow for him but the whole process was smooth and Koda is fabulous and doesn’t seem any worse for wear! Thank you for easing our worries and helping us through the whole process. Would highly recommend Aeropets. We’re so happy to have our little fluff ball back with us, and he’s still using his crate as his bed!!

Many Thanks

Charlotte, Nick, Theo and Koda (Koda: Auckland, NZ to the UK) – May 2018

Molly Pet transport from Auckland NZ to UK
Hi Brenda

Molly arrived safe and sound and is enjoying walks in the English countryside with her new friend Charley. Thanks so much with your help to get her here. The smile on my partners face was most definitely worth it.

(Molly: Auckland, NZ – UK) Feb 2018

Thomas Pet transport from Auckland NZ to UK
Been watching Thomas’s plane’s.. He’s just about to take off from Doha

Thank you again for making this such an easy process.

(Thomas: Auckland, NZ – UK) March 2018

Tam, Cat transport from Auckland NZ to Scotland, UKHi Brenda,

Just thought i would drop you a note to thank you for all your help!

Picked up Tam Friday and he was very glad to see us, he’s settling in very well to the new place. Turns out after all that we didn’t have to pay any VAT, just the release fee so that was a pleasant surprise!

Here’s a photo of him riding shotgun back to Edinburgh from Glasgow 🙂

Cheers again

Steven (Tam: Auckland, NZ – Scotland, UK) April 2017

Dog going from New Zealand to UKHi Brenda

Thank you for all your help with getting Millie over here. Here’s a snap attached.

Happy, full of beans, very thirsty but apart from that all good!!

(Caroline – Millie: Auckland, NZ to UK)

Dog transport from NZ to Manchester UKHe has arrived safe and sound. He was very pleased to see me at the airport. Thank you so much for everything you have done this week, you have been amazing. Thanks John.

(Alfie – Auckland, NZ – Manchester, UK)

Cats transport from NZ to Scotland UKFinally got two gorgeous little cats home tonight at 8.45pm…..They’re currently exploring the house from top to bottom and chirruping away merrily.

Thank you, I’ve missed them so much and it’s just wonderful to have them here with me at long last.

Warmest wishes

Susannah (Freja & Gepetto – Cats: Auckland, NZ – Scotland, UK)

Domestic Cat transport from NZ to Glasgow UKShe’s home!Thanks so much for all your help 🙂

Catherine (Mille – Domestic Cat: Auckland, NZ – Glasgow, UK)

Domestic Short Hair transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKIt’s nearly a month now that Purrl and I have been in the UK. She has settled in well although does like sleeping in the wardrobe! The Feliway diffuser has helped and she has been spending more time in the lounge especially it seems, now that I have a TV!

The process through Heathrow was remarkably fast and Jim from Jalsa was fantastic to deal with… even going so far as to show us to a local pub for lunch, while we waited for Purrl.

Thank you Monique for your wonderful service. You were just marvellous to deal with at such a stressful time and you made the process that much easier. I really cannot thank you enough or speak highly enough of your service. You truly are a star… patient and genuinely caring.

I am more than happy for you to use these words on your website.

Jennie Hill (Purrl – Domestic Short Hair: Auckland, NZ – London Heathrow, UK)

Spoodle transport from NZ to London Heathrow UK

Bailey sends his thanks for your care

Spoodle pet transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKApologies for the delay getting in touch, things have been crazy since we arrived home. Bailey arrived safe and well. There was a long wait at Heathrow as they were exceptionally busy but it was worth it when she came running out to greet us. She seems to have adapted to her new home really well and is loving all the new smells and walks.We cannot thank you enough for what you did to help us catch out flight and for looking after Bailey so well and keeping us updated. We would highly recommend the company to anyone who is relocating their pet. We have put sim money into the account to cover your fuel costs and Bailey has sent a little thank you which should arrive in the next week.

Thanks again Monique, for going above and beyond.

Julie and Paul (Bailey – Spoodle: Auckland, NZ – London Heathrow, UK)

domestic cat transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKMouse is a picture of health and is very loving towards us! No issues all quick and easy at Heathrow.Thank you again and we are all settled into England.

Suzy and family (Mouse – Domestic Cat: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Labrador Cross dog transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKJake arrived absolutely fine, he came bounding out and was straight into sniffing his new environment! Was quite sleepy last night and chose to go into his crate to sleep! He’s been playing hard out with his cousin all day and it’s like nothing has phased him at all!Thank you again for all your help and support with him. I’m so happy he’s just taken the whole thing in his stride!

Thank you
Laura and Jake 🙂

Laura (Jake – Labrador Cross: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Fox Terrier dog transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKAmazing service. Monique is great to deal with. Everything went very smoothly and I had been very worried about leaving my child (dog) with anyone. She picked my dog up from a kennel and got her onto her flight, helped with all paper work, kept us in the loop the whole time and genuinely cared for our little girl. My puppy is now snuggled up in my lap on the other side of the world. Thanks! Would recommend to anyone!

Ashely & Dave Stewart (Luna – Fox Terrier: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

chihuahua terrier dog transport from NZ to London Heathrow, UKWe have been reunited with Pip and she is fine..Thank you so much for your assistance.

Kerry (Pippa – Chihuahua/Terrier: NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

shih tzu bichon frise dog transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKshih tzu bichon frise dog transport from NZ to Londonshih tzu bichon frise dog transport from NZ to UKDolly all safe and well. Thanks very much!

Kevin n Sandra Smallcombe (Dolly – Shih Tzu / Bichon Frise: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

huntaway beardie dog transport from NZ to UKhuntaway beardie pet transport from NZ to London, UKhuntaway beardie transport from Auckland to London Heathrow, UKSweep arrived safe and sound. He was a good lad and hadn’t made a mess of his crate. He has settled in really well.I really appreciate your assistance with getting him home during this stressful time of mine. I was incredibly happy with the service you provided and am really grateful.

I have attached a couple of photos my mum just sent that suggest he has made himself very much at home and is being thoroughly spoilt 😉

Stephanie (Sweep – Huntaway/Beardie: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

hungarian vizsla staffordshire terrier transport from nz to london heathrow uk hungarian vizsla staffordshire terrier transport from nz to london heathrow ukRoxy is doing great she has settled in nicely she is loving the new walks and this nice weather we are getting at the moment:-) was so great to see her!! Thank you so much for helping get her here safely!!

Beth (Roxy – Hungarian Vizsla / Staffordshire Terrier: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Labradoodle transport from NZ to London Heathrow UKTransporting a pet overseas is not something you do everyday so when we decided to relocate back to the UK finding the right company to fly our dog Lolly to Heathrow was important. From our first contact with Monique at Aero Pets I felt reassured – our first telephone conversation lasted 30 minutes & she answered all my questions. Further queries were dealt with in a prompt, professional yet friendly manner & by the end of doing my due diligence I had no hesitation in using her service. Whether it be helping with the myriad of paperwork to having Lolly in her home the night prior to departure, Monique was a pleasure to deal with. I have no doubts in recommending her company.

Jemma (Lolly – Labradoodle: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Scarlett cat transport from NZ to UKJust to let you know that all is well with Scarlett who arrived on schedule in Scotland. Apparently she picked up admirers on the way! We saw her on Monday and after a few minutes she was more interested in looking at geese and other farm animals outside the cattery! Many thanks for all your organising.

Doug and Marion Kerr (Scarlett – Cat transport from Auckland, NZ to Scotland, UK)

Cru Rotweiller dog transport NZ to UKWe all arrived safe and sound, the kids were very happy and none the worse for wear. They were so curious about their surroundings at the Manchester pick up point they didn’t even notice us staring at them. They have settled into their new home really well and rather quickly – Shaun is adjusting well to them too. 😀Gaige rotweiller dog travel from NZ to UKMina is loving exploring the woods next door and so far hasn’t encountered anything too scary. Shaun has put in a couple of cat doors for her, so we just need to get her used to them again. I’ve attached a couple of photo’s of the big kids – the couches were not intentionally put in their for their use, but it appears they have taken them over. I wasn’t expecting Cru to use one, but he does.

I’ll leave you to your no doubt busy week. I hope you, your partner and fur kids are well.

Thank you so much for all your help, you made everything so easy for me.

Aileen Semple (Gaige & Cru – Rotweillers: Auckland, NZ to Manchester, UK)

Tui Cocker Spaniel Dog Transport from NZ to UKWe just wanted to send you a big thank you, everything went to plan and Tui is doing well.She settled in really well, however she did have kennel cough for a few weeks, but I think she picked it up here at a dog park.Thanks again for making our big move so much easier.

Mark and Mags Purdie (Tui – Cocker Spaniel: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Ted German Shepherd dog shipping from NZ to UKGlad you received the payment ok, thanks for letting me know.Ted has arrived safe and sound -rather jet lagged and bemused in his new surroundings but making himself at home and adapting really quite quickly! After all it was one heck of a journey from New Zealand, the temperture difference alone is enough to confuse him – we had freezing fog on the drive back from Heathrow and temperatures of -6C last night!!Ted German Shepherd dog transport from NZ to UKIt’s so lovely to see him, he was so excited at the pick up centre and crying and kissing both me and Steve!! I couldn’t believe how skinny he was, he’s always been trim but weighed 42Kg when I left 5 months ago now he’s about 37kg!! He’s scoffed a big bowl of food and loads of water last night so with a bit of extra tucker I’m sure I can get some meat on those sticky out bones again.- life on the farm must have been full on!!No matter the cost it was worth it, just to have my family back together again! He’s not traumatised or unwell after the experience at all. It must be down to your care and attention. Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure to deal with you, very professional and efficient at communication whilst retaining that all important personal touch. I felt sure that everything would go well with you looking after it!

Thank you so very much!

I’ve attached a picture of me and my boy for your rogue’s gallery!

Best wishes for Christmas and I wish your business goes from strength to strength!

Mandy Morgan and Ted! (Ted – German Shepherd: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Hi Brenda,

Thank-you for taking care of our most prized possessions….they made it safely, a little shell shocked but are now curled up fast asleep.

Thank-you again, your kind care was much appreciated.

Clare and Jay (Pip and Pru: Auckland, NZ – UK) Sept 2017

Just wanted to let you know Bramble has arrived safely into London.

Thank you very much for all your help, you have provided us with an amazing level of help and service.

Hopefully we will not need to move another pet to the UK, but will definitely recommend you to anyone who is moving.

Stu (Bramble – Labrador / Huntaway: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help. You are absolutely amazing and so helpful and friendly and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I picked up Feliks the day I arrived and he’s settled in perfectly. He’s still his happy little self. I did find out that he’s never used stairs before and he looks like a total dork trying to use them haha. But yeah, I just wanted to say thank you and if any of my friends need to shift their pets I will be certain to recommend you! Thank you so much.

Alicia (Feliks – Domestic Cat: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Just a quick message to let you know Pepe arrived safely in the UK this morning and thank you for your help throughout the process. Moving a pet so far across the world is a daunting thing to do but I am grateful for your support, patience, information and help along the way.

Nikki (Pepe – Maltese: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

The dogs arrived safely and in one piece. They are settling in well. Thank you for helping us, your reassurance did wonders. Would recommend you to anyone.

Brittany Newell (Luna – Labrador Cross & Keisha – German Shepherd: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

The cats arrived safely in London and we have driven them home to Ireland. They didn’t seem too bothered at all!We have been delighted with your service, especially your quick, friendly communication. Thank you so much for all of your help and for getting them cats safely home to us.

Tara (Vega, Naoise, Pixie and Pico Tiogar – 4 Domestic Cats: NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Have just spoken to Janet and she says they are fine, no problems and had lots of cuddles. They are exploring her house and making friends with her cats. She said they didn’t cry at all travelling home in the car, I supposed they had got used to their cages. Once again thank-you for all your help and kindness.

Val (Scoobey & Flash – Domestic Cats: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Neo arrived today all safe and sound. No issues at all. He’s now settling into his new, very different, surroundings. Thanks for the wonderful service and patience. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.

Sam & Elise (Neo – Domestic Short Hair Cat: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

I would just like to say a huge Thank you from Jazz and myself for everything you did for our dog Mylo. He arrived safe and well in the UK and is settling in well. You have been awesome from day one and thank you for helping us through the process of getting Mylo to the UK. You made everything really easy for us and it was great to see that you cared so much about our pups welfare and making such that he and us were prepared for his trip. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone thinking of moving there pet abroad, you did an amazing job! Thank you again.

Scott and Jazz (Mylo – Rottweiler: Auckalnd, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

Bailey and Stella arrived in fine fettle yesterday! Both very boisterous, Stella had made firm friends with the DEFRA people and they didn’t want to let her go.Thank you very much for looking after my fur babies. It made a huge difference to my stress levels knowing that they were in safe hands. It’s truly wonderful having my family all together again.Thank you for everything,

Vicki (Bailey – Labrador and Stella – Tonkinese: Auckland, NZ to London Heathrow, UK)

I just wanted to tell you that Gus arrived safely at London Heathrow at the weekend and is now settling in to his new home very well. Thanks you very much for all your help, it has been very much appreciated.

Laura Beasley – Gus (DSH) Te Awamutu, NZ to London Heathrow, UK