Importing a Pet into New Zealand

If you are importing a pet into New Zealand, you will need to use a pet transporting company based in the country that you pet is travelling from to arrange the health certification and travel.

Pets from Australia

Pets arriving into New Zealand from Australia do not require quarantine if all the health requirements are met.  Your pet is able to go home with you or travel onto other locations within New Zealand a few hours after arrival.

Aero Pets can assist you with New Zealand customs clearance and onward travel for your pet within New Zealand.

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Pets from the rest of the World

Pets arriving into New Zealand from anywhere else in the world other than Australia are required to have a mandatory quarantine of 10 days on their arrival. You will also need to apply for an import permit and your pet must meet all the health requirements specific to your country of origin.

Further information can be found at the MPI website “Steps to Importing Cats and Dogs”.