Pet Transport Cage for Sale

pet transport cages for rent

We have a pet transport cage for sale in a size to suit your pet.

Do you need a pet transport cage for your pet to travel in? Your pet will be safe with our IATA regulated cages. Enquire Now or use a Rental Cage for NZ domestic flights.

All cats and dogs travelling by air must be transported as cargo (the only exception to this rule is a working assistance dog) so it is important to have a comfortable environment to enable them to rest in as much comfort as possible during their trip or while travelling.

At Aero Pets we only sell I.A.T.A. regulation approved cages. These allow your treasured pet to travel in safety and comfort with access to water and room for manoeuvre inside their temporary home.

Searching for a comfortable travel transporter for your pet can be tricky with cost and size varying substantially. Aero Pets ensure that a top of the range pet transporter can be sourced on your behalf ensuring adequate ventilation and space is given to your pet whilst travelling ensuring they are able to stand and move around and lie in a natural position. This is vital as animals may experience increased stress levels during a flight due to air pressure and can become agitated or aggressive.

At Aero Pets we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service with professional and patient advice to pet owners, giving them piece of mind in the knowledge that their cherished family pet being cared for in an efficient and caring manner. Our aim is to ensure that your pet completes his or her journey as calmly, happily and safely as possible.

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