How to Transport a Cat to the UK

Pet transport cat to the UK

Aero Pets transported Scarlett the cat to the UK from New Zealand

If you are traveling to the UK with your cat there are several rules and regulations which you need to be aware of.  You must use a pet travel agent like Aero Pets to send a cat to the UK as airlines will not deal with you directly. There are several procedures and requirements – we can help you arrange all the necessary documentation.  When you decide to take your cat with you to the UK, you will need to consider the age and vaccinations, export certificate, micro chipping, as well as MPI Certification and an appropriate transport container.

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Age and vaccinations

When you wish to take your cat to the UK, the first thing you will need to verify is that your pet it at least 12 weeks old (84 days / 3 months). Your cat must be inoculated with the rabies vaccine which must be completed at least 21 days before the date of travel.  An approved veterinarian in New Zealand must administer the shot and sign the vaccination book stating the manufacturer, the name of the vaccine, the batch number, date of vaccination, and “expiration date” of the vaccine.

Vet Certification

When you leave from New Zealand to the UK with your pet we will arrange for your pet to be Certified by an official MPI Vet, your cat must be micro chipped followed by a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to departure and a good health Certificate signed by your local Vet. (We will provide the form for this)

We will also arrange for an AWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate) to be issued for your cat.  This certificate must accompany the MPI Export Certificate.  If you have any concerns or questions, we can help you to resolve them with a quick phone call.

Transport for your cat to the UK

When you decide to take your pet with you to the UK, you will need to consider the pet carrier you will use.  It is important to get a pet carrier that is appropriate for the age size, and weight of the cat.  We have a wide variety of carriers to suit any pet so please do not hesitate to contact us.  In addition to choosing the right size and model of the cage you will need to be sure that the cage is approved for animal flight by IATA.

It is important when traveling to the UK that you fly on an approved airline as well according to DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs).  We can help you to choose a flight or airline if you have any concerns.


Microchips are small RFID tags which can are implanted under your pet’s skin about the size of a grain of rice. These microchips store a unique number which is used to identify your pet and can be registered in both New Zealand and the UK.  In the event that your cat gets lost, a vet can use the microchip to identify you and return him or her.  All pets leaving New Zealand must have their own microchip number issued.  It is important to make a note of the chip number, and the location and date of implant on the export form.


After you have met all these requirements, you can go to the airport and catch your flight to the UK.  Let us take care of the check in process for your pet while you sit back and relax and pick your cat up when you land in the UK.  If you have any problems with these requirements, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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