How to transport a dog to South Africa

transport a dog to South AfricaPreparing to transport your dog to another country can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. You must comply with all regulations and requirements regarding dog transport in the destination country. Transport a dog to South Africa requires several steps. A health certification, as well as an import permit which needs to be obtained before your dog’s travel . Your dog must also be shipped in a regulation carrier. Don’t let the preparation overwhelm you, however. We are here to help you through each step of the transportation process.

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Import Permits

Your dog will require an import permit before they will be eligible to enter South Africa. The import permit, which will have necessary information about contacting the Quarantine Master at your dog’s arrival port.

Prior to your dog’s arrival in South Africa, the Quarantine Master must be notified. If the Quarantine Master is not notified and has not given you written permission, your dog will not be allowed into the country.

Your dog will not be quarantined as long as the paperwork is in order.

Health Certification and Residency Requirements

No more than ten days before travel, your local vet must examine your dog to ensure they are free of internal parasites, fleas, ticks, and contagious or infectious diseases. During the visit, your dog must be treated with an anthelmintic for internal parasites.

On the day of departure, or as close to as possible we will make a booking for you with MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) to which we will accompany you. At this Certification the Official MPI Vet will check all documentation is accurate, examine your dog to ensure they are fit to fly and free from parasites, they will Certify the cage and issue the official Health Certificate required to enter South Africa.

Although no vaccinations are required to enter South Africa, New Zealand must not have had a reported case of rabies, surra, heartworm, leishmania donavani, babesia gibsoni, or leishmania chagasi at any time before your dog’s arrival in or transport through South Africa.

Your dog must also be a New Zealand native or a resident of New Zealand for at least six months before transport. Additionally, they cannot have lived in an area that is under any Veterinary restrictions for any disease to which dogs are susceptible.


In order to be admitted into South Africa, your dog must have a microchip implanted for identification. There is no restriction on the type. Your dogs microchip must be inserted prior to the parasite treatment and must be scanned by the Vet before they administer any products. At this time the Vet must write in the vaccination book that the microchip was scanned and verified prior to the treatment being administered.


An IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard container is required to transport your dog to or through South Africa. This container must prohibit any possibility of physical contact with other animals and be either new or well cleaned. It should also be roomy enough to allow some comfort to your dog while they travel. You may provide your own container, or we can provide one for you.

Once you have completed all the necessary requirements, you can rest assured that we will make certain all your dog’s documentation remains with them during travel. Then, you just need to retrieve them after they have landed in South Africa.

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