How to prepare your dog for overseas travel

dog travel overseas

We can arrange all the forms and flights for your dog travel overseas!

Travelling to new country is always exciting, but worries about your dog might put a damper on it. Proper preparation for air travel is strongly recommended to ensure that your dog arrives at your destination in a calm, happy and healthy state. The preparation process should be fairly hassle free. If you need any assistance regarding dog preparation for air travel you can contact us.

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How to adjust your dog to the kennel or cage

It is advisable to purchase the kennel you plan to use for your dog’s transport at least a few weeks before departure. It is preferable that the kennel you use for the training be the kennel your dog will fly in. If you need any help to choose a kennel we will be glad to assist you.

Place the kennel in a place your dog visits frequently or where they usually sleep. You want to make the cage as inviting as possible. You can place their favourite items such as blankets and toys in the kennel. Remember to always keep the door to the kennel open.  You can feed your dog its meals inside the cage, get them to fetch toys and treats from the cage and get them to think of their cage as their own kennel where good things happen. You can teach your dog to go inside the cage and stay progressing to sleeping in the cage throughout the night. Following these simple tips will help your dog on the day of departure as your dog will not be travelling in an unfamiliar cage but in the safety of their own kennel.

Preparation for the trip

Place an old t-shirt, sock or slipper into your dog’s kennel. Your smell on the item will reassure your dog during the flight. Dogs are especially sensitive to smells and having your smell close will create a sense of the pack in an environment filled with a myriad of strange and new scents.It is recommended that you remove any collars, muzzles or choke chains before the flight as this might cause and injury to your dog during the flight. We also recommend that your dog’s nails are short, to prevent them from catching on the kennel door or on another object.

Preparing for departure

Only a certified pet transport agency is allowed to book your dogs flight, you are however more than welcome to accompany them to the cargo facility and be present for check in, but not to the aircraft. This is mainly because of the safety procedures used for loading cargo.

Ensure that your dog goes out for a good run before the flight as he/she will be confined for a while during the flight. It is important that your dog remains calm during the flight and loading process.

We do not recommend sedation as sedation reduces the heart rate and breathing of your dog and when flying at altitude there is less oxygen which can be a risk to your pets health. Also; pets that wake up of no recollection of how they got to where they are can start to panic far more than a pet that has been consciously aware of what has been happening.

Using homeopathic remedies around the home leading up to and on the day of departure can be a really good way of helping your pet. We offer complimentary homeopathic remedies to all pets.

We will gladly discuss the boarding process with you.


We will assist you with everything regarding the flight of your dog, from the necessary documents and advice. We will also ensure that your dog boards the plane on time with all the correct documentation.