How to transport a cat to Europe

pet transport cat to europe

Aero pets can assist you with everything you need to transport your pet cat to Europe

When you want to transport your cat to Europe you have to use an animal transport company. There is a set of rules and regulations that have to be followed and adhered to for the transport of your cat. These rules include regulations about; vaccinations certifications and additional requirements. Should you need any assistance or more information you are welcome to give as a call, we will gladly assist you in this matter.

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Every cat thatenters Europe has to be vaccinated against rabies and the Vet administering the vaccination must sign and date the vaccination book and include the rabies vaccination vial sticker which includes the. The vaccine has to be administered to your cat after the microchip has been implanted. The vaccination has to be administered at least 21 days prior to departure to ensure it is effective.


To export your cat to Europe he/she will need an MPI export certificate,the Certificate states that your cat is in general good health,is microchipped followed by a rabies vaccination and that your cat is free of parasites like ticks, fleas and worms.The Certificate is signed and completed by an approved veterinarianwhich we will arrange for you. The Certificate will also include additional information pertaining to the microchip including its date of implant, number, who implanted it and where it was implanted. Along with the MPI Certificate anAWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate)is also required confirming that your cat is in good health and that the travel cage is compliant.

You will need to provide the original Vaccination book showing the microchip number, implant date and rabies vaccination details along with the original Vet & Owners Declaration (we will provide the form for you). The Vet will then have the documentation required to issue the MPI Certificate.

If you require any help or additional information about the Certification orAWEC, you are welcome to contact us.


Every cat entering Europe must have a microchip and the chip number must be recorded on all of the Certificates and documents. A microchip is a small rice grain sized RFID identification tag that is inserted under the cat’s skin. The information on the chip is read with a scanner. You can register the microchip so that if your cat ever gets lost and turns up at an SPCA or Vet Clinic they will be able to contact you.


We are happy to provide a travel container for you, however if you choose to supply your own cage you must choose a container for your cat that is suitable for his/her size, breed and weight.The cage must be IATA compliant in order for MPI to Certify it for travel and for the airlines to accept it on board. If you need any help in choosing a container or finding an animal approved airline for your cat please feel free to contact us and we will help you with anything you need.


New Zealand air regulations require that you use and animal transport company to transport your cat on any flight. When you enlist in our services we will ensure that your cat is taken good care of, and that the check in process is completed with professionalism. You can enjoy your flight without worries about your cat.