How to transport a cat to Hong Kong

pet transport cat to hong kong

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When travelling with your cat to Hong Kong there is a set of rules and regulations that you need to comply with, these rules and regulations includes; age, vaccinations, certificates and microchips. If you need any assistance or more information regarding cat transport you are welcome to contact us.

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Age, breed, and pregnancy

Cats traveling to Hong Kong need to be older than 90 days or 3 months. Your female cat will be allowed to travel if she is not pregnant or less than 4 weeks pregnant. Bengal cat breeds need an additional certificate that states the cat you will be transporting is at least 5 generations away from the wild ancestor.


Your cat will also need to be vaccinated for feline panleucopenia (infectious enteritis) and feline respiratory disease complex (cat flu). Vaccinations have to be performed more than 14 days before departure and less than a year before. A complete verified vaccination certificate needs to accompany your cat on the journey. It should include all the vaccine information like; vaccine name, batch number, vaccination date and expiry date.

Import Permit

Cats entering Hong Kong from New Zealand must be accompanied by an import permit.  The import permit can be obtained from the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) of you can download it from the website at: If your name is the one on the permit, you will need to be present to collect your pet.


When you leave for HongKong your cat needs to be accompanied by a MPI Zoosanity export certificate that indicates the species, breed, age, sex, name and microchip number. The certificate also verifies that your cat comes from a rabies free zone, and that your cat has received the proper vaccinations. You will also a need a Vet & Owners Declaration, the Owners Declaration to be completed by the Owner and the Vet Declaration to be completed by a local registered Vet. We will supply the Declaration for this. Another important document is the AWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate).  All these certificates are issued by certified veterinarians and need to be completed in full, signed and stamped we will arrange this booking for you for the day of departure.  Your cat must have lived in New Zealand for 180 days before the date of export.If you have any questions regarding any of the certificates needed for cat transport to Hong Kong you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly assist you.


All cats entering HongKong are required to have an implanted microchip. They prefer AVID encrypted microchips. Unfortunately in New Zealand we have ISO standard microchips. Cats that arrive in Hong Kong with an ISO microchip may be re-chipped upon arrival with an AVID chip.The microchip number should be noted on all the certificates and documentation.


It is important that you choose a travel container for your cat that is suitable for his/her size, breed and weight. The container also needs to be approved for air transport. There are certain airlines that have been certified to transport animals. If you need any assistance in choosing a transport container, feel free to contact us and we will assist you.


By using a animal transport company your can travel with peace of mind that your cat is taken care off. We will escort your cat to check-in and ensure that all the correct documents accompany him/ her while you prepare for your flight. All you have to do is collect your cat after you have arrived at your destination.