How to transport a cat to Thailand

pet transport cat to thailand

We can help with pet transport to send your cat to Thailand

When the time comes to transport your cat to Thailand there are rules and regulations you need to be aware of. These rules and regulations includes; a set of necessary documents and Certificates, vaccinations and containers. New Zealand aviation rules state that you have to make use of a pet transport company. The company will assist you with the transportation of your cat. These rules were created because the process of Certification is complicated. Should you need any help or more information you are welcome to give as a call, we will gladly assist you in this matter.

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Thailand’s authorities require your cat to have a MPI export Certificate issued, your pet transport company will arrange this for you. The Certificate states that New Zealand has been rabies free for more than 2 years and that your cat has been born in new Zealand or been a resident for more than 6 months.  Cats do not need any vaccinations or blood tests. It is however advised that your cat be fully vaccination prior to departure for their own well-being.

Import Permit

Cats travelling to Thailand from New Zealand must have an import permit.  You can apply for the permit through the Department of Livestock Development Suvamabhumi Airport Animal Quarantine Station.

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Pets travelling to Thailand from New Zealand must be micro-chipped. Your local Vet can arrange the microchip for you.


We will arrange for the MPI Certificate and AWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate) to be issued required by the authorities in Thailand.The approved veterinarian that issues the Certificates will also perform an examination to ensure that your cat is free of parasitessuch as worms, ticks and fleas and that he/she is healthy and fit to fly. It is advisable to treat your cat for parasites within a couple of days of the examination so that you can be sure your pet is parasite free when the Vet performs the inspection. If you require any help or additional information about the Certification you are welcome to contact us.


We can supply you with an IATA compliant cage, if however you choose to supply your own cage we are more than happy to assist you in making your selection. T0he cage must have enough space for your cat to stand, sit and lie in and will not hurt him/her with any sharp surfaces.

If you require any information regarding the container regulations you are welcome to contact us.

Additional information

Transport to Thailand can only take place at designated intermediary airports. Your cat will not be allowed to have contact with any other animals after he/she has landed on one of the intermediary airports.  After arrival in Thailand your cat may be subjected to quarantine at approved premises.You are liable for all the costs incurred while your cat is in quarantine.  Quarantine does not usually apply to pets coming from NZ that arrive healthy and with the correct documentation.

Transporting your cat to Thailand

You can sit back and enjoy your flight, while we ensure that your cat goes trough check in with all the required documents accompanying him/her to the plane. After you arrive in Thailand you should be able to collect your cat and take him/her home with you.