How to transport your dog to Canada

pet transport dog to canada

We can help you transport your pet dog to Canada

If you need to travel with your dog to Canada, you need to abide by a set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations includes; vaccinations, containers, and certifications. If you need any assistance in this matter you are welcome to contact us, and we will provide you with help and advice.

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Canada has a strict import protocol regarding vaccinations especially rabies. An official veterinarian of New Zealand must verify that your dog has been located in New Zealand for more than six months before the flight or since birth and that no case of rabies has ever occurred in New Zealand. Or that your dog originally came from Canada and is returning back there directly from New Zealand. If your dog has been to another country other than New Zealand in the 6 months before the flight he / sheneeds to be accompanied with a valid rabies vaccination certificate.  This certificate must be completed by a licensed veterinarian from the country of origin. The certificate must clearly identify your dog and show that he/she is vaccinated against rabies with a registered vaccine.

MPI will examine your dog on the day of departure he/she must be fit for travel and free of ectoparasites including ticks, fleas and worms. For dogs younger than 8 months a valid vaccination certificate is needed to prove that the dog has undergone registered vaccinations against; parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and the par-influenza virus.

You are welcome to contact us if you need the contact information for a registered veterinarian, or any other related information.


When you leave for Canada from New Zealand with your dog, your dog must be accompanied by an MPI export certificate that is completed and signed by an official MPI approved vet we will arrange this booking on your behalf. This Certificate needs to be completed before departure. The vet will also check for ticks, fleas and worms Your dog must be microchipped and you will need to complete a Vet & Owners Declaration. The Owners Declaration to be completed by the Owner and the Vet Declaration to be completed by a local registered Vet, they do not need to be MPI approved. We will provide you with the Declaration for you to complete.

On the day of departure the MPI Vet will also issue an AWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate) If you have any questions you are welcome to call us, we will gladly assist you in this regard.


It is important that your dog traveling an IATA compliant container that is certified for air travel. Ensure that the travel container is big enough for the size breed and weight of your dog. The flight to Canada is very long and you want to ensure that your dog will be safe and comfortable. If you require any assistance on certified animal carrier or how to choose a suitable animal container you are welcome to contact us.


If you use our animal transportation services for your dog’s booking and flight we will arrange the check in and required documents, you can simply sit back and enjoy your flight knowing that your best friend has been taken care of and will be arriving safely with you in Canada. You only have to collect him/her after arrival.