How to transport a dog to Japan

pet transport dog to japan

If you need pet transport for your dog to Japan, Aero Pets can help you!

When you want to transport your dog to Japan there are certain things that will need to be done pre travel. The rules and regulations include a set of necessary documents and Certificates, additional requirements, vaccinations and containers. Should you need any help or more information you are welcome to give as a call, we will gladly assist you in this matter.

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Dogs that have resided their whole lives in New Zealand, have been born there or have been a resident in New Zealand for more than 180 days prior to the flight are not required to be vaccinated against rabies. If your dog has however visited a country less than 180 days prior to departure that is not a designated region, he/she will have to be vaccinated with a rabies vaccine and have a blood test to ensure the antibody value is at least 0.5IU/ml. This must be done no more than 180 days before import into Japan. The normal quarantine time for a healthy dog in Japan is usually 12 hours. Even though Japan do not require your dog to fully vaccinated or treated for ticks, fleas and worms MPI (Ministry For Primary Industries) in New Zealand and MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) in Japan strongly recommend it and any pet presented for examination with parasites or signs of infectious or contagious disease will not be Certified for travel.


Prior to Certification you must have a Vet and Owner’s declaration completed (we will provide the form for this). The Japanese authorities require that your dog be micro chipped and that all the documentation contain the microchip number. Your dog will need to go through a medical examination prior to departure that indicates he/she is free of rabies, parasites, and other diseases and are healthy and fit to fly.  After the official MPI Vet has examined the dog and checked all documentation as well as the cage, they will issue the MPI Export Certificate and AWEC (Animal Welfare Export Certificate) The official documentation required the Japanese Authorities. If you require any help or additional information about the certification you are welcome to contact us.

Import Permit

Although an official import permit is not required to enter Japan Cat owners need to inform AQS (Animal Quarantine Service) no later than 40 days in advance that the cat is being transported to Japan. You will be provided you with a reference number that must be presented on the export certificate. You will need to print off the email from AQS with the approval number on it so that MPI can verify the number is correct.

AQS Contact Details:
Narita Branch (Cargo Office)
Ph: +81 476 32 6655
Fax: +81 476 30 3012


We are happy to provide the travel container for you, however if you choose to acquire a container yourself,you must ensure that it is suitable for the size, breed and weight of your dog.  The cage must be IATA compliant in order for MPI to certify it and for the Airline to accept it on board their flight. Japanese authorities have additional rules regarding containers. If you travel to Japan on a flight with stop over’s or are changing from one airline to another, your dog’s container needs to be sealed with an official MPI seal.  If you need help choosing a container or airline for your dog please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.


You can sit back and enjoy your flight, while we ensure that your dog goes through check in with all the required documents accompanying him/her. After you arrive in Japan you can collect your dog.