How to Transport a Cat to Australia

transport cat to australia

Transporting a cat to Australia is easier than many countries because you only need an export certificate and no import permits

Traveling with pets can be a hassle but when you are traveling anywhere, it is important to know how to go about this the right way.  When you decide to bring take your cat to Australia there are some regulations and rules you will need to follow.  One of the best things is that you will only need an export certificate and no import permits.  When you decide to take your cats with you to Australia, some things you will need to consider are the age and breed, micro chipping, as well as MPI certification and the appropriate transport containers. To transport your cat to Australia, you will need to contact Aeropets, as airlines require you to use a pet travel agent and not book directly with them. Read about transporting dogs to Australia here.

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Age and breed

The first thing to make sure of is that your pet is at least 8 weeks old (56 days) at the time of export.  Your pet must have been living in Australia and/or in New Zealand for at least 90 days prior to the scheduled date of departure and your cat should not have been in any quarantine restriction 60 days before the date of departure.

Savannah or Serval cats are unable to be Certified unless you can prove that they are at least 5 generations away from their non-domestic ancestor.  If your pet is cat is pregnant at the time of transport, you will need to be sure that it is no more than 3 weeks into its pregnancy.

Ragdoll transport from NZ to Sydney Australia Thank you very much Monique. Lola reached us safely. Best wishes to you and thank you for all your help.

Kris (Lola – Ragdoll: Auckland, NZ to Sydney, Australia)

Vet Certification

In order to take your cat with you to Australia, you will need to be sure that you have a MPI export certificate that was signed by an approved veterinarian.  The certification must be done within 72 hours of your departure date.  In addition to the vet’s certification you will need to ensure that the vet administers a complete treatment for ticks, fleas, and worms to prevent the transport of unwanted parasites.  You will need to take the original Certificate signed by the vet with you to the airport on the day of your departure.  The vet will do all of these procedures in addition to checking for the microchip and give a statement guaranteeing the pets health.

Transporting a Cat to Australia

When you take your cat with you to Australia you will need to meet the required transport requirement of an approved cage.  In order to choose the appropriate cage for your pet, you can check on the IATA website.  While they do not endorse any particular company, the pet stores in your neighborhood will be able to advise you on the best carrier for your pet’s flight.  If you still have doubts you can always call your airline or check on their websites to be sure that you have the right cage to transport your cat to Australia. Or check with us.

Sheldon cat transport from NZ to Melbourne AustraliaLibby was so pleased that Sheldon arrived safely and has settled really quickly into his new home. She was able to pick him up at about 9.30pm last night which was an hour earlier than thought. Thank you for all your help and we have been absolutely delighted with how simple you made the process, especially handling the problem with the MAF certificate.

Gabrielle Funnel (Sheldon – Domestic Cat: Auckland, NZ to Melbourne, Australia)


Microchips are small circuit boards in an RFID tag which can be implanted under your pet’s skin and are usually about the size of a grain of rice.  These chips will be used to store all your information as well as any information about the pet’s medical history including verification of breed and age as well as health.  In order to transport your cat to Australia, you will need to ensure that he or she has been implanted with a microchip and that the information on the chip is current. All pets leaving NZ must have their own microchip number issued and when the reader is waved over their back it will show their unique microchip number.


After booking with us and meeting all these requirements, you can go to the airport and catch your flight to Australia. Simply present your MPI veterinary certification when you are checking your pet in and the airline will take care of the rest. Be sure to advise the airline attendants of any special precautions they need to take in terms of health or other issues.

Contact us at Aeropets to start the process of transporting your cat to Australia.

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