Puppy Training – Settling your new pup into your Home

Puppy training should start as soon as you get your pup home

The first few days at home are extremely important for puppies and with proper instruction they can learn very quickly.

Why does my pet need to be in quarantine?

A dog in quarantine

The purpose of quarantining animals where necessary is primarily to reduce the spread of rabies, although there are other diseases of concern affecting animals that travel, including hepatitis, parvovirus, distemper and canine influenza virus. In many cases, proof of vaccination against these diseases will be required upon your pet entering a country.

Is it always the right thing to take your pet overseas with you?

Woman and her dog

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether taking you pet overseas with you is best for you and your pet, and potentially regretful consequences of failing to take them all into account.

Choosing the right crate for your pet’s air travel

Cat in Transportation Crate

When travelling with your pet by air, it is essential to select an appropriate crate that is safe and comfortable for your pet, and, if flying internationally, one that meets International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements.

Jack Russell Terrier Guide

jack russell terrier breeders

Although they are known for their forward and cheeky nature, Jack Russell Terriers can thrive and become obedient in the right environment. With persistence from owners and regular exercise, they’re a joy to own.

Cocker Spaniel Guide

cocker spaniel breeders

Cocker Spaniel are known for their loving and adorable nature. When trained and socialized correctly, they live up to their cute reputation. As ideal family pets, they’re great for homes with young children.

Golden Retriever Guide

golden retriever breeders

Thanks to their friendly nature and advanced training capabilities, golden retrievers are exceedingly popular amongst dog lovers of all kinds. Although they require some training and lots of exercise, they’re excellent and loyal family dogs.

German Shepherd Guide

german shepherd breed

As some of history’s most famous work dogs, German shepherds are fiercely loyal. With the right training and socialization, they’re fun animals to be around, and safe in a family home.

Border Collies Guide

border collie breed

As one of the most playful breeds available, border collies are a joy to be around. While they require more investment in terms of training than other breeds, you should find that your efforts pay off in the most rewarding of ways.

Labrador Retrievers Guide

labrador dog breeders

As sociable animals, Labradors are ideal for busy households with lots of people. Labs can exercise as much as you want to, but require a minimum of one hour per day plus free yard time. If you want a sociable dog, Labradors are for you.