German Shepherd Guide

german shepherd breed

As some of history’s most famous work dogs, German shepherds are fiercely loyal. With the right training and socialization, they’re fun animals to be around, and safe in a family home.

Border Collies Guide

border collie breed

As one of the most playful breeds available, border collies are a joy to be around. While they require more investment in terms of training than other breeds, you should find that your efforts pay off in the most rewarding of ways.

Labrador Retrievers Guide

labrador dog breeders

As sociable animals, Labradors are ideal for busy households with lots of people. Labs can exercise as much as you want to, but require a minimum of one hour per day plus free yard time. If you want a sociable dog, Labradors are for you.

How to transport a cat to Singapore

transport a cat to Singapore

There are several regulations you will need to follow to safely transport your cat to Singapore, including obtaining necessary paperwork, ensuring your cat’s vaccinations are current, and finding a comfortable and compliant carrier for transport. Rest assured, we will help you along each step of the process.

How to transport a dog to South Africa

transport a dog to South Africa

Preparing to transport your dog to another country can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. You must comply with all regulations and requirements regarding dog transport in the destination country. Relocating your dog to South Africa requires several steps. A health certification, as well as an import permit which needs to be obtained before your dog’s travel.

How to transport a cat to South Africa

transport a cat to South Africa

You must be aware of, and comply with, all the cat travel and admittance requirements in your destination country before you depart. South Africa requires your cat have an import permit, as well as a health certificate and an appropriate travel carrier.

How to transport a dog to Malaysia

transporting pet dog to malaysia

Transporting your dog to Malaysia can seem more so since East Malaysia has slightly different regulations that the West of the country. Regardless of the section of Malaysia to which your dog is traveling, he/she will need the appropriate documentation, vaccinations, and microchip before departure. Rest assured that we will help you complete everything needed to ensure smooth transport for your dog.

How to transport a cat to Malaysia

Transporting a pet cat to Malaysia

If you are transporting your cat to east Malaysia (Sabah), you will follow a slightly different procedure than the rest of the country, but all of Malaysia requires vaccinations and proper documentation to admit cats. Rest assured that we will help you through each step of the process so your cat arrives safety in their new home.

How to transport a dog to another country

transport a dog to another country

Moving overseas can be a hectic and stressful time, particularly when you have to transport a family dog as well. Each country has its own set of strict rules and regulations regarding dog transport and admittance into the country, so you should be aware of your destination country’s requirements well before departure. Certifications, licenses, notifications, vaccinations, microchip identification, and approved transport containers are all things you may need to deal with when transporting your dog.

How to transport a cat to another country

transport a cat to another country

Vaccinations, certifications, licenses, proper containers, and notifications all need to be dealt with before transport a cat to another country. Regulations vary from country to country, so it is also important to understand the specific requirements of your destination country.